Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A Lenten Retreat

 Lent is a time of year that deserves our attention. It's usually an excellent time to do some deep examination of the heart and of the soul. I've decided to try something this year.

 I've decided to take a retreat of sorts to the wilderness. I have limited days off and never two days in a row, so a day and a night will have to suffice, but my plan is to spend a day and night in the woods with minimal food and very little in the way of bedding and comforts. My plan is to pray the hours and spend time in silence while also taking walks around the area where I will camp and in general take note of God in his creation.

 I am currently hand writing a little book of hours taken from a 1500s book of hours. I had big plans to really do some fancy calligraphy, but as I am new at it, I am just doing very simple lettering.

 I've decided to wear my medieval tunic and hood for this experience as they are the most simple garments I own and also because I can stay fairly warm at night with them.

 I also plan to take a small bag that will have my sort of portable altar in it with candles and other devotional items. The area I am going to has a lot of rocks and I plan to build an altar for prayer and fashion a cross of wood to place behind it.

 All in all, I am very much looking forward to this time.

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