Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Our Home Chapel

 It has been a vision of mine for quite some time to have a home chapel on our future farm. This will not only be a place for our personal use, but for anyone to come and pray and meditate. We plan to offer our farm as a place of retreat while people can come and learn old farming practices, get dirty and most of all have a quiet time with the Lord.

 Currently our home chapel or oratory is in the corner of our living room, which we will always have even when we build a specific building for prayer in the future.

 Our current oratory looks something like this although updates have been made (I'll add additional photos later).

Today, I was also given a beautiful gift! This antique holy water font. (Thank you Father Charles!)


We are excited to see our house have a specific place to go for prayers and devotions to God. We set aside spaces for all sorts of things. Kitchens for preparing food, bedrooms for sleeping, living rooms for gathering. It is wonderful to see a space devoted to the daily offering of prayers and for meditating on the things of God and it's even more gratifying to see our children come to us and ask to use the space for their prayers. 

 Someday, we hope to offer a place of rest and reflection of prayer and meditation to those who are in need. 


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